Pahzee is the phonetic spelling of posi, short for positive.

We want our clients and their fans to have "pahzee-tive" experiences.​

Pahzee combines our passions for music, web design, audio production, marketing and helping talented people share their talents with the world.

Parker Charles, Pahzee
partner / audio engineer / web developer / designer

Parker Charles

Parker is a gear fanatic and audio freak, a deep diver into diverse music genres. He has a particular obsession with Protools and Ableton Live, which really comes in handy in our line of work. Parker is also a gifted web designer and content creator with a focus on functionality and digital marketing. He is an active participant in the WordPress development community and is continuously staying up-to-date with the latest web development trends and best-practices.

partner / producer / singer-songwriter / social media specialist

Kim-Char Meredith

Kim-Char is a seasoned and award-winning singer-songwriter, with 32+ years as an indie artist and 20 albums under her belt. As a songwriter, Kim-Char has a heart for writing songs that speak to our experience as “souls in earth suits.” One particular project close to her heart is our record label, SpiritRise Records, a vehicle for producing and sharing “Sunday songs for all week long”. As a music producer and mentor, Kim-Char has a passion for working with artists who are newer to recording, marketing, and promotion, and helping them make their dreams reality.

Pahzee, Web Design, Podcast Production, Recording Studio, Naperville IL

About Us

Who We Are

In 2016, Parker Charles and Kim-Char Meredith incorporated as MPAKT Music & Media LLC, with a combined 31+ years experience of working with artists and as artists.  In April 2019, Parker and Kim-Char added the name Pahzee to their brand catalog. Some folks had difficulty pronouncing  MPAKT and we figured Pahzee (pronounced, “pah-zee”) might be easier. The name also captures our company’s uplifting, positive vibe.

We primarily work with musicians, singers, songwriters, bands, DJs, speakers, and entertainers but our services can benefit businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations as well.

Our Vision

We celebrate independent artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations making a positive impact in the world.

Our Mission

We help talented people share their talents with the world. We do this by teaching them to: make websites, manage social media and use various marketing and media tools. Pahzee also offers professional web design and audio production services to support artists who desire to work with a creative team.

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