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MPAKT is now Pahzee. Here’s why we decided to change our name.

We’ve changed our name. MPAKT is now Pahzee.

Back in 2016, Parker Charles and I incorporated as MPAKT Music & Media LLC. We’re still offering the same services as before but, in April 2019, we made the decision to change our company’s name from MPAKT to Pahzee.

Pahzee is the phonetic spelling of posi, short for positive.

Pahzee really captures the vibe we are going for with our company (positive, uplifting and encouraging). It’s even got a fun “zing” to it when you say it. Go ahead, try it out. “Pahhh zeeeeeee!” Now try that again with “MPAKT”.

Furthermore, as a company, our goal is for our clients and their fans to have “pahzee-tive” experiences. (See what I did there, lol, I hope you didn’t groan too much).

In order to contribute to these pahzee-tive experiences, we’ve combined our passions for music, web design, audio production and marketing.

Also, there was a name conflict.

As our company has grown, we’ve discovered two other companies using the name MPAKT. We are on the cusp of a big marketing push and since we are planning on aggressively expanding the business, this name change makes sense.

Pahzee is easier to say, spell and remember.

“How do you spell that? How do you say that?!?”

– SAID BY Literally everyone who has tried to pronounce MPAKT or write us a check

People seem to have difficulty pronouncing MPAKT (em-pact).

Finally, Pahzee (“pah-zee”) is a bit easier to pronounce and as a result, we think people may be more apt to tell others about us.

MPAKT is now Pahzee (Drake Meme)

In Conclusion…

We think the name Pahzee is unique and we hope you dig it as much as we do. The name Pahzee is pretty much an “empty vessel” at this point, and we intend to fill it with positive associations and grow this brand into something incredible.

We would love to know how you feel about the name Pahzee so please comment below and feel free to share any stories you have about naming or renaming your own brand/business as well!

7 thoughts on “MPAKT is now Pahzee. Here’s why we decided to change our name.”

  1. What a beautiful out-picturing of creative evolution through Kim-Char and Parker! You can feel the movement within your Spirit as you join in the Creative Unfoldment in a name change. Love how your business started in the consciousness of “empowerment” and transformed ITSELF by allowing Something Deeper to speak and know ITS True Name–Pahzee—Positively enlightening for us all. Love you both.

  2. I dig it! A name whether it’s of a person, or a business holds great power! Studies have shown that the easier a name is to remember the more people will like it. I even read that your name can have a direct reflection on how a person’s physical facial features develop.
    Companies with easy names tend to do better on the stock market too! Pahzee is also speaking into existence what you desire! And I like to say “Zeeee” when I really like something anyway! For example, if a car I really like rolls by, I might say “Zeeee” that’s a nice ride right there.🤣🤩 Or better yet, whenever Parker plays a new music track that’s hot! I gotta say “Zeee” that’s a nice beat Parker! Hey! It could become the next household common word to replace words like awesome, tight, & hot. People will just say “Oh man, that’s Pahzee right there!!!”😁

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