Naperville Recording Studio

Professional recording just five minutes from downtown Naperville

About Our Naperville IL Recording Studio

Our recording studio has a great mixing & recording room. The recording space is PERFECT for solo artists and has enough space for a 2-3 person act. We utilize digital emulations of classic analog gear for high-quality recording processing.

Our sound treated vocal room ensures that every subtlety of your voice is captured and can be mixed appropriately. Coffee and refreshments are always on hand and since we are in a residential neighborhood parking is never a problem.

We like to keep our environment as casual as possible to reduce “studio anxiety” and keep the recording process a positive one.

In addition to our primary Pro Tools system, and multitrack recording capabilities the Pahzee recording studio has an ever growing collection of virtual instruments and midi devices. Inspiration is always just a keypress away.

We’re looking forward to recording your next project!

We have been recording for over 20 years and are proficient with Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Adobe Audition. To schedule a session at our Naperville IL recording studio, give us a call or send us an email.


One of the most requested services Pahzee offers is audio mixing. Using our pro-level gear, plugins, years of experience and deep understanding of Pro Tools, we provide high-quality, broadcast-ready mixes.


Mastering is one of the most vital, yet least understood, stages in the music production process. It is where we arrange the final mixes in their proper order, adjust the volume levels of each track and process your project with professional tools (compression, limiting, EQ, etc.). Mastering is done to polish your final mixes. When done correctly, mastering enhances and optimizes the sonic properties of your songs and albums. Pahzee has been able to achieve excellence in the subtle art of mastering. Whether you are assembling an entire collection or wanting to add that little extra sheen to that hit-single you’ve been working on, Pahzee’s audio mastering service is here to whip your final mix into radio-ready shape.


So you’ve written a masterpiece, now it’s time to bring your song to life. We can take your song from chords strummed on a guitar or a melody in your head to a uniquely produced arrangement. Using our substantial collection of virtual instruments, qualified performers, and engineers that fit your budget, you walk away with an industry-standard recording. Our music production services are perfect for singer-songwriters, rappers, and full bands. Don’t settle for amateur recordings and poorly mixed demos.


We are located near 75th and Washington in Naperville IL. Please contact us to schedule a session and get directions.

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