Parker Meredith

Parker is a gear fanatic and audio freak, a deep diver into diverse music genres. He has a particular obsession with Protools and Ableton Live, which really comes in handy in our line of work. Parker is also a  gifted web designer and content creator with a focus on functionality and digital marketing. He is an active participant in the WordPress development community and is continuously staying up-to-date with the latest web development trends and best practices.

Kim-Char Meredith

Kim-Char is a seasoned and award-winning singer-songwriter, with 32+ years as an indie artist and 20 albums under her belt. As a songwriter, Kim-Char has a heart for writing songs that speak to our experience as “souls in earth suits.” One particular project close to her heart is our record label, SpiritRise Records, a vehicle for producing and sharing “Sunday songs for all week long”. As a music producer and mentor, Kim-Char has a particular passion for working with artists who are newer to recording, marketing, and promotion, and helping them make their dreams reality.