Podcast Production

A podcast is an audio or video recording made available through an RSS feed. Even if you don’t know what an RSS feed is, you probably know that you can ‘subscribe’ or listen to podcasts through iTunes, Spotify, Castbox and other services and apps.

What’s cool about podcasting is the space it fills in an average listener’s day; times when listeners cannot be looking at a screen to read or watch your content. Such times include times at the gym, in the car driving home from work, or in the kitchen doing the dishes and cooking.

We focus primarily on audio podcasts. And think podcasting is a great way to build a relationship with your audience.

If you are interested in starting a podcast, we are here work with you to understand the purpose of your podcast (Audience growth? Education? Entertainment? Product sales?) We then work together on mapping a process, to ensure your Podcast achieves what you want it to achieve. We can help you: plan, record, edit, publish and promote your podcast to the world.

For DIYers who just need a little help, we can edit and master recordings, getting them to broadcast standard loudness and make sure your files are the appropriate size (so listeners have an easy time downloading). We can assist with finding or creating podcast artwork and licensing music.

If you have any questions regarding podcasting, feel free to reach out.

Don't be shy, say hello.